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Big Ball of Mud

by Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder — "While much attention has been focused on high-level software architectural patterns, what is, in effect, the de-facto standard software architecture is seldom discussed. This paper examines this most frequently deployed of software architectures:... a casually, even haphazardly, structured system. Its organization, if one can call it that, is dictated more by expediency than design. Yet, its enduring popularity cannot merely be indicative of a general disregard for architecture...."

Stories about the B5000

by Richard Waychoff — I worked for Burroughs (known as Unisys after merging with Sperry in 1986) for two summers after high school and for more than 15 years later on. I worked in Pasadena for Richard on the B6500, a successor to the B5000, that second summer. I eventually came to know a number of the other people mentioned in this interesting little history: John Hale, Lloyd Turner, Brad MacKenzie, Ben Dent, Dave Dahm, Bobby Creech, Dick Shobe, Ray McDonald, even Edsger Dykstra. Unfortunately, I never met Bob Barton, don knuth or Niklaus Wirth, people of near-mythological stature in my mind.

Reflections on Trusting Trust

by Ken Thompson — His acceptance speech upon being awarded the Turing Award in 1983. A real gem.

U.S. Patent #6,368,227

This patent, granted in 2002, demonstrates clearly that the system is broken.