Bluestone Consulting—Since I worked with Bluestone, they were bought by Hewlett-Packard. Bluestone was very generous in allowing me sit in on some of their classes and use their systems while I came up to speed with them (and, presumably, they with me). Fortunately for both of us, I was able to contribute to some of the clients.

Brickman Group, Ltd.—Over the years I've done a fair amount of work for this, one of the three largest landscaping companies ($500 million in revenue) in the United States. My accomplishments include:

  • Established financial and operational performance measurement capabilities for [what was in the early to mid 1990s] 90 remote offices via software to query server databases and download MS Excel-integrated results to remote office client PC's
  • Wrote RFP to integrate data communications and voice in order to save $72,000 on an annual bill of $800,000 with no additional investment
  • Converted legacy data—for 7,000 employees, 10,000 projects, 14,000 customers, 15,000 open invoices, 11,000 vendors and 6,000 fixed assets spread over 100 different internal organizations and four databases—from Shaker's COINS software and Progress database to Oracle's 11i e-business suite and 9i database using the DataLoad utility, SQL*Loader and PL/SQL
  • Designed and implemented a customized HRMS Form Configurator template to streamline adding and maintenance of employee records
  • Automated the systems administration task of using FNDLOAD to download and upload AOL data sets (data request groups; menus, forms, functions; responsibilities; flex field value set; user) via shell scripts
  • Implemented software access security based on their hierarchical organization
  • Designed an implemented capability to adjust labor rates seasonally
  • Implemented capability to download personnel data into Excel and create pre-filled-in Personnel Action forms

Ford Motor Co.—This was a client with whom I established a relationship via Bluestone Consulting. While working at one of their production facilities I reduced production scheduler time by 75%, analyst time by 35-40%, premium freight charges by $100,000 and precluded inventory obsolescence by converting several HLLAPI applications to Oracle access via SQL.

Shaker Computer & Management Services, Inc.—Brickman is one of this value-added reseller's largest customers. I enabled them to sell and install improved software with no impact on their customers' businesses by integrating custom construction estimating and payroll timecard entry modules into COINS, their construction industry software package.

Situs Properties, Inc.—When this full service commercial real estate firm first started up, I installed their first hardware, software and databases; planned and reviewed their data backup strategy; and installed Systems Consulting Group's CourtKey software: an early automated method of accessing docket, deed, title transfers and other public data stored in computers around metropolitan Philadelphia's County and Federal courts via a single interface.


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